Questions answered.

When does the application period start?

University applications are already open. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to catch a spot.

How much does Paramount Student cost?

Membership on Paramount Student is completely free of charge and allows you to apply to 3 universities and / or programs of your choice.

What does Paramount Student get out of this?

We bring many people, from different countries together, and are able to organize apartments, events, trips while realizing savings for you and still covering cost ourselves.

How do I sign-up for Paramount Student?

Simply enquire with your high school about Paramount Student.

My high school does not yet offer sign-up for Paramount Student. What now?

Reach out to us at relations@paramountstudent.com. We will post you some interesting material, to introduce your high school to Paramount Student. If you are successful, there's something in it for you too!

What countries do you accept students from?

We accept students from all over the world.

In which countries can I apply for university?

At the moment we are completely focused on Turkey in order to provide you the best experience. We plan to expand to additional countries in 2022. Stay tuned, if you’re planning for 2022/2023.

How does Paramount Student compare to other websites or agencies?

You are not our product. We are here for you, from the moment you start thinking about going to university, till the time you graduate - We'll find you a cool place to stay, arrange hundreds of activities to keep you busy throughout the year, and help you built your new social circle overseas - even before you arrive.

What documents do you need from me?

The required documents depend on your current education level and desired program. After sign-up, we will guide you as to what documents are required and where to obtain them.

Where can I download the Paramount Student application?

You can download the Android version from Google Play. We expect our iOS version to be available from mid-July. Till then we can only accept applications from Android's. That's life!

Where can I find more information?

We have a short presentation that goes into more detail about our platforms benefits. You can download it from here. This is particularly useful if you want to introduce your high school to Paramount Student. You can also send us an email, or hit the chat button in the bottom, right corner. We would love to hear from you!

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