Paramount Student Terms & Conditions.

Know your rights

Providing the services

  • Service will be continuously developed and improved our services and adding new services. As a result, the terms and conditions may be changed, updated or replaced these from time to time with a 30 days notice. 
  • New information will be up to date, correct, and accurate.
  • If the services are shared with third parties, they will be updated of the new changes and controlling their access to services.

Third parties

  • Third parties’s access will be managed and monitored
  • We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from you relying on any third-party Content. However, we will take reasonable steps to correct any mistake in third-party content which is brought to our attention.

Services limitations

  • Services availability may be iterrupted as a result of outside factors. However, we will assure that our services will be continuously available. 
  • Our seivices may be temporarily interrupted or unavailable due to update and maintenance of our software and IT systems we use.


  • The application content will aivailable to our users 24/7.
  • The application content will encrypted to secure the users’ data.
  • The users access control will be managed and monitored including third parties.
  • We have the authority to remove any content, as well as limit or suspend your or another user's access to it.


  • The software will always be up to date and fixing bugs regurarly.
  • The software will always be avaible and users will be notified in case of any problem will occur.
  • Users and third parties wont have the right to copy, adapt, change, or interfere with the software. Also, developing a similar software or market any software which has a similar purpose.
  • third-party software providers may change


  • Deposits and apllication fees are not refunded


  • The provided services are allowed only to the users and company to use
  • Selling or supplying services to other parties is prohibited without an official agreement.
  • If a third party violates the agreement, you will be held accountable. If we enter into a separate arrangement with the group company for the services, you will no longer be liable.


  • Infomation collected form the application: 
  • information the user provides. For example, username, birthdate, email, nationality, education level, gender, school name, university name, years of enrolement, major, courses, instructures, classes, certificates, grades, exams, transcripts, uploaded documents, pictures, camera, credit card information, chats, the communication with customer support.
  • Information we get when you use our services:
  • Information based on your activities. For example, personalized ads, types of information you search for, contacts, camera, pictures, location, log information, and cookies. Also, hardware information such as device model, operating system, browser type, language, and time zone.
  • Information we collect from third parties:
  • Collecting information from other users such as linked appliactions and users’ contacts.
  • Each party understands that their is a data controller who is in charge of how and why personal data is collected, utilized, and stored in connection with the agreement. Any personal information collected, stored, used, shared, or destroyed in connection with the services shall be collected, stored, used, shared, and destroyed according to the purposes and rules established by each party.
  • You shall compensate us for all losses, fees, expenses, and damages for which you are accountable, including foreseeable losses, any loss of profit or reputation, and all interest, penalties, legal, and other reasonable professional charges.


  • All provided information are kept confidential and secure unless the agreement allows such information to be revealed.
  • Confidential information must be used only for purposes relating to the services or agreement.
  • Any confidential information that is required to be supplied under any law, rule, court order, or order of a competent statutory authority can be released by you and us.

Intellectual property rights

  • We or other businesses with whom we have an agreement to use their materials, documents, software, content, products, services, information, and any other materials or equipment we have supplied or made available to you in relation to the services own all intellectual property rights in our materials, documents, software, content, products, services, information, and any other materials or equipment we have supplied or made available to you in relation to the services.
  • A licence is granted to use our software,services, and materials for the duration of the agreement.

Suspending the services

  • In the following situations, we may suspend your access to some or all of the services:
  • I there is a reason and proof that the user or third party has not adhered to the terms of the agreement. 
  • The user or third party will recieve a notice before the suspension including the reason of suspension.
  • If we have reason to suspect you no longer meet the eligibility requirements.
  • If delivering services to you, or something you have done, has the potential to harm our reputation.

Ending the agreement

  • The party wishing to terminate the agreement must offer the other a written notice explaining the reason.
  • A notice will be provided before ending the agreement
  • The agreement ends if a party violates the agreement in a significant or repeated manner.


  • You are not exempt from paying the charges or other obligations you owe us.
  • For any of the following losses or damages, neither you nor us shall be liable to the other party: 
    • Loss of business, income or profits
    • Loss of anticipated savings
    • Damage to reputation
    • Loss or corruption of data or software
  • We shall not be liable for any losses or damages arising from or in connection with the accuracy of any information you have provided or an applicant or referee has provided about the applicant's identification, education and job record, or any other material that forms part of the application.


  • Any notice, consent, or approval given under the agreement must be in writing and sent via mail or email.
  • When a notice is sent by mail, it is considered received 48 hours after it is mailed or when evidence of delivery is received.
  • Any notice you send us must be sent to our legal team

General conditions

  • Only if both both parties agree in writing can the agreement be amended.
  • If a party cannot meet an obligation owing to a factor beyond their reasonable control, that party will not be held to have breached the agreement.
  • The agreement's provisions can only be enforced by both parties.
  • Without our written approval, you may not transfer any of your rights under the agreement.
  • All earlier offers, agreements, and understandings between both parties relating to the services are overtaken by this agreement. The provisions of any purchase order or other customer document have no bearing on the agreement.
  • There will be no terms that are not clearly specified in the agreement that will apply. Unless such statement is required by law and any applicable law specifies that it must be used.